¬ędopegit" began to be used in obstetric environment in 1970-1980.Composed acetate, alpha-metildol, starch, magnesium stearate, talc, and stearic acid.Available in the form of tablets.Reduces minute blood volume, heart rate and reduces the overall resistance of the blood vessels.The maximum effect comes after 4 hours after administration and lasts for approximately two days.The daily dose should not exceed two grams.When taken with the subsidiary dose reduced to 500 mg.Upon the occurrence of a positive result and reduce the dose gradually reduced to zero.
drug causes drowsiness, lethargy, and confusion.Especially the early days of receipt.Therefore, pregnant women before applying must consult with your doctor.It assigns a daily dose, and if needed further.To the woman felt well enough to reduce the pressure by
10-20%.The tablet should be swallowed whole with water and drink.If individual dispensing is required, must be divided into parts.With low pressure decreases the dose is increased or additionally appointed "Roepolikglyukin" or "Heparin".
¬ędopegit" prescribed to pregnant women only on strict conditions.Although clinical trials have shown that it has no negative impact on a child in the third and second trimesters.prevent disease progression and the development of further complications, which include late preeclampsia.In the first trimester rarely administered only if the pressure rises to a pregnant 20 or more units.
Chronic administration "Dopegita" should be carefully monitored for blood picture and liver function.You can also spend hemodynamic monitoring.Do not use "dopegit" during lactation, as the active substance metildol excreted in breast milk.
The drug is released from the prescription.The average price is 200-250 p.Shelf life - 5 years.Producing in a carton box or glass jar."Dopegit" is also a first-line agent in the treatment of hypertension in pregnant women in European countries.