birth defects fetal development experts consider the following anomalies arising from an unborn baby:

- the absence of the brain (anencephaly);
- open form of herniation of the spinal cord (spina bifida);
- congenital malformations of the urinary system of the fetus;
- heart disease in the fetus or pathological changes of the cardiovascular system;
- different limb malformations in the fetus - atresia (absence of limbs);
- cleft lip and palate, and other maxillofacial deformity.

Why are there congenital malformations of the fet

emergence and development of various defects in the fetus may occur as a result of exposure to a number of factors, most of which have so far remained unclear.

By etiological features of all congenital malformations of the fetus are divided into the following:

- abnormalities found in the chromosome sets of parents (hereditary);
- the embryo or fetus has been damaged by exposure to pesticides, medications or infections (teratogenic);
- joint impact on the unborn child genetic and environmental factors that individually may not themselves be the cause of defect (multifactorial).

According to some contamination of the biosphere may also be a cause of disease in 70% of the cases, the pathology in 60%, and deaths of children in 50% of cases.

CDF fetus and subsequent abnormal development of children after birth is also associated with the profession - if a person is experiencing a long period of time, emotional stress, exposure to dust, high or low temperature, continuously in contact with chemical products or salts of heavy metals.

Also, if the expectant mother suffers from significant obesity, it may be an important cause of congenital malformations of the neural tube of the fetus.These small changes in the body of the fetus can lead not only to overweight pregnant, but its sharp decline in early pregnancy.

CDF fetus and subsequent pregnancy

Many CDF fetus can be treated.After birth, depending on the existing anomalies, the child is undergoing the necessary procedures for its correction or treatment and continues normal functioning.In the case where the CDF fetus incompatible with life outside the womb baby, pregnancy is terminated.Six months after the procedure, you can plan another pregnancy.There are times when a pair is recommended to wait for one year.During this time, the parents are certain genetic analysis and research, the results of which doctor will decide when to conceive a child.

In preparation for the next couple of pregnancy to avoid the influence of negative factors, lead a healthy lifestyle, take a multivitamin to strengthen your body.