Types painkillers

tablets to help suppress pain selectively refer to analgesics.They temporarily relieve pain, relieve fever and muscle tension.Thus analgesics have no effect on the root cause of illness.They only facilitate the state of a person who has no strength to endure the pain.

With weak painful sensations in the body is able to cope on their own.The emergence of a kind of discomfort is signal of the need to protect the affected area, in order not to aggravate the situation.As a result, the muscles relax near the source of the pain, changes the metabolism and blood circulation.The body begins to produce substances with analgesic effect and guide them to the right place.With a strong and long-lasting pain of the body alone can not cope.In this case, it is advisable to take painkillers.

strong painkillers to
cope with the pain by its "off" through the brain.These drugs and semi-synthetic production by body similar to painkillers.They belong to the group of opiates and are a kind of drug, addictive.Such tablets are assigned only in extreme cases and dispensed only by prescription.Narcotic analgesics are drugs whose composition vhodzt fentanyl, morphine, codeine, and other substances such plan.

painkillers sold without prescription, are non-narcotic.They affect the peripheral nervous system and suppress the pain in their locations.

Recommendations on receiving painkillers

With weak of pain is recommended to try to do without medicines.For example, getting rid of the headache, in some cases, it helps sleep, walk in the fresh air and change of activity.If discomfort break plans, you can drink a narcotic drug character.It is important to remember that taking pain pills should not be a habit.Standing their reception may provoke attacks of new pain.

When a toothache pills only needs to get to a comfortable dental clinic.It does not make sense to put a tablet on the tooth.Pain that does not make it easier, but to provoke inflammation of the gums may.When the pain in the teeth, ears and throat is recommended to take protivogistaminnye drugs that reduce swelling, reduce inflammation, reduce pain.

sharp one-time shot of pain antispasmodics.These drugs suppress virtually any spasmodic pain.

order not to harm the body, you should try a completely dispense with the tablets, or to minimize their intake.In the second case, it is important to adhere to the prescription pattern or instructions supplied with the tablets.Alcohol thus should be avoided.