reasons peeling skin on the fingers

Hands is stressed more than any other part of the body: water, soap, friction, household chemicals, by displacement finger food packages and so on. D. Therefore, peeling of the skin on the fingers can besignal to the fact that the hands need additional moisture and care.

Due to the constant presence in the water your skin is dehydrated.Not everyone knows that after washing hands should always be wiped dry with a towel, because water promotes the drying of the skin.Particular attention skin care should be paid after 25 years, starting when the natural aging process of the epidermis.

also peeling of the skin on the fingers can be triggered by a lack of B vitamins, A and E. compensate for the lack of these substances can proper nutrition or complex vitamin
s.However, the decision on their appointment and duration of use should be the doctor, as a surplus of vitamins are not less harmful to the body than their deficits.

weather in the cold season is bad for the skin of hands.It becomes rough, chapped, cracked and scaly.Most often painful foci appear on the bones at the base of the fingers or in the area of ​​the joints.Solar hot weather can also contribute to dehydration of the skin.

skin on the fingers - a reflection of the general state of the organism.Peeling can talk about reducing the human immune system caused by infectious diseases, or prolonged use of antibiotics.In this case, you need to stick to a balanced diet with the inclusion in the diet of foods high in vitamins, minerals, fiber.

Peeling skin may also indicate an allergic reaction to a new soap or cream.If you suspect that you have allergies, try not to use the new facility for a few days, and maybe this nasty skin reaction will pass by itself.

cracking and peeling of the skin on the fingers can be caused by skin disorders like eczema or dermatitis, and fungal lesions.If you notice any redness, pain or inflammation of the moist pockets, you should immediately consult a doctor, dermatologist.

Hand Care

specialists-beauticians recommend daily applied to the skin of the hand moisturizer that contains glycerin, sorbitol or lactic acid.And after 30 years, to choose the means to light protection that will both moisturize the skin and prevent the appearance of age spots.

In cold weather do not neglect the gloves to protect your hands from the cold and wind.An effective cosmetic means, softening and moisturizing effect is wrapping a mixture of oil of olive oil and honey in a ratio of 3: 1.The composition was heated to 45C, and then it is impregnated bandages are wrapped around their fingers and allowed to stand overnight.

good moisturizing effect can be achieved by using home masks and baths for the hands, for example, from grated potatoes or oatmeal.A hand bath, you can add the olive oil, various oils or contents of capsules with vitamins A and E.