Among the most common causes of specialists identify problems with the functioning of the intestine, thyroid disease, hormonal surges and beriberi.If you do not have bowel problems or thyroid gland, and teenage hormonal surges left behind, then the problem is likely the shortage of vitamins.Modern doctors believe that the average person in the diet is not enough for about fifty percent of the vitamins for proper operation.
in the fight against acne and acne positive impact on the overall condition of the skin provide vitamin B, C, A and E. On sale there is a huge number of different vitamins, but taking them need to negotiate with specialists as vitaminsin very high dosages are not simply absorbed by the body.Perhaps simply to start should review their daily diets.
Vitamin A, for example, helps get rid of scars, increasing skin elasticity and speeding up cell division.Carrots, butter and fish are high in this vitamin.However, vitamin A should be very careful, because his overdose can lead to quite sad consequences.It should be noted that it is absorbed solely by reaction with vitamin E, which increases skin regeneration.This vitamin is found in egg yolks, a variety of vegetable oils, legumes, wheat germ and nuts.The combination of vitamins E and A have a very dramatic effect on the skin.
It makes sense to increase the content of vitamin C in the diet to fight acne.This vitamin helps to heal wounds, improves skin texture.Vitamin C is found in huge quantities of vegetables, fruits and berries, but the highest content of this substance differ pepper, rose, all citrus fruits and black currants.Unfortunately, vitamin C is unstable to heat treatment, besides bad withstand long-term storage, so that all of the above fruits, berries and vegetables should be eaten raw and fresh as possible.In urban conditions it is not easy, so replace fresh fruits can usually ascorbic acid.
B vitamins are very effective in reducing the traces left by acne, thoroughly clean the surface of the skin, improve blood circulation and slow down the growth of bacteria.Therefore, this group of vitamins are especially needed to owners of oily skin.These nutrients can be found in pork, chicken, bananas, mushrooms, seafood and legumes.