Magic Dropper

Many believe that the drip - is the salvation of all, and stop the bout immediately, and drink at once will throw people, and will acquire a kind of human.This also due to the popularity of search queries like "how to put a drip at home," "that is part of the droppers of binge" and the like.And articles on this topic you can find many: they are prompt and magic recipe droppers, and advertising "pohmetologa" and phone services, leaving home to "digging".But is it safe?

compositions droppers can be different - each doctor a miracle recipe.The mixture is usually based on sodium chloride 0.9%, less a 5% glucose.Are mixed in a dropper may be any vitamins, metabolites, antioxidants, ionic solutions.But out of the need to binge sleeping pills.Without sleeping pills to put a dropper it does not
make sense: with the same success can simply drink a liter of fluid - does not really matter how the liquid is ingested.Only with sleeping pills can conceive drip effect.But none-the-counter sleeping pills buy will not work, and a prescription for such a case no one will write.

Secret danger

Moreover, put a drip without sleeping pills is simply dangerous.The fact that the sudden withdrawal of the binge, a person may develop a so-called delirium tremens.With prolonged drinking bout alcohol is included in the activities of some organs and systems of the body, it acts on the brain-damaging way.With a sharp rejection of alcohol violated the metabolic processes, the condition is aggravated by deficiency of B vitamins and disrupted the interaction of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system.Because of this, there is insomnia, and insomnia appear on the background of disturbing thoughts, hallucinations.In this state, a person is not responsible for their actions, and can do terrible.And this condition can provoke the very drip, which was saved from the binge.

Even if there is a sleeping pill, which can be added to an IV, you can not do it alone: ​​It is important to accurately calculate the dose, taking into account comorbidities, age, weight and degree of exhaustion.If "nedodat" sleeping pills after dropper patient will walk like a bear-rod, without sleep or rest, only sharpened the desire to drink.And if you overdose on sleeping pills, then the person can not wake up.

exit is

For this reason, withdrawal from binge is necessary only in the hospital around the clock under the supervision of a physician.Neither pohmetolog not stay with the patient for more than a few hours, but this is not enough.Therefore, out of the need to binge in institutions in the hospital where the patient is under observation, with him conducted psychotherapeutic conversation.Perhaps after them drinking man wants not just to get out of the binge, and complex treatment of alcohol dependence.