main symptoms

retrochorial the formation of a hematoma in the period when the chorionic naturally rejects the ovum.At this stage, some women may have the appearance of a small cavity, which gradually filled with clotted blood.This cavity, and has a name retrochorial hematoma.Currently, doctors can not clearly and accurately establish the reasons for its formation.

main feature retrochorial hematoma - brownish discharge.They may be accompanied by intolerable drawing pains.These sensations strongly disturb the pregnant woman.However, doctors say that such allocation in the formulation of the diagnosis of the disease - a good sign.This means that the hematoma is resorbed.

Principles of treatment

main task of the physician is to avoid increasing the size of the formed education.To prevent thi
s growth hematoma patient usually prescribe drugs that enhance blood clotting.Often, we are talking about tools such as "Dicynonum" or "menadione" - both safe and effective drugs to the unborn child.It is worth noting that they should be taken only on prescription.This provision shall in no case be self-medicate.

addition, the doctor during treatment retrochorial hematomas may appoint a pregnant woman supplementation of vitamin E (in large doses).This vitamin has a positive effect on the basic processes of production of hormones and promote the normal course of pregnancy.

It is worth noting that the development of hematoma retrochorial able to be accompanied by increased tone of the uterus.In these cases, the treatment of such diseases involves the use of special antispasmodic of drugs - for example, a burden-pa.This drug helps to relax the smooth muscles of the uterus and is absolutely harmless.With the same purpose may be given to a pregnant woman or valerian tincture Magne-B6.

retrochorial hematoma treatment process also involves the use of essential medicines for the mother as Ascorutinum and folic acid.

Medication must be carried out under the strict supervision of the attending physician, who appoints individual method of use and dosage of a drug formulation.