«Diana-35" take one tablet a day orally, completely swallowing and drinking water.The preferred medication after dinner or breakfast at the same time selected.Preparation starting to use the first day of the menstrual cycle, using the corresponding tablet of the day of the week from the package.Course duration is 21 days.The daily intake of the drug the patient is carried out, taking the pills consecutively in the direction of the arrow, which is applied to the foil packaging calendar.After the course of a break with a duration of seven days, during which come monthly.The next course starts in 28 days from the start of use of the drug.
the transition to "Diane-35" with other contraceptives, the drug begin the day after the last tablet of the previous use of the drug.When chang
ing from an implant on the "Diane-35", the reception start to the day of his removal, using contraceptives in injectable form - on the day when he should be made the next shot.After an early abortion, the patient should start taking the drug immediately.After delivery or late start to use the abortion drug in the 21-28 day.
In case of missing reception of hormonal pills, she should take it as soon as possible.Next tablet is taken at the usual time.The effect of contraception is not reduced by being late less than 12 hours.It should also be borne in mind that the drug should not be interrupted for more than a week.If a woman take a pill late for more than 12 hours, in the next seven days you must use an additional barrier method of contraception.
«Diana-35" is indicated for the prevention and treatment of pregnancy androgenization.The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, liver disorders, breast cancer, endometrium, pathology, lipid metabolism, bubble dermatosis and otosclerosis.While receiving the pills may have side effects such as slight vaginal bleeding, vomiting, nausea, changes in body weight, headache, blurred vision, jaundice, hypertension, etc.
Before using "Diane-35" should undergo general medical examination to exclude pregnancy and pathology of the blood coagulation system.At long reception of the drug necessary to carry out preventive checkups every six months.The drug from pharmacies by prescription.