Mikrodozirovannye drugs are the most preferred for younger women.Usually they are successfully blocking ovulation and pregnancy does not occur.These tablets are called mini-pill.Since the hormones they contain minimal amounts - side effects are extremely rare.These drugs are prescribed for therapeutic purposes and for the treatment of PMS, painful menstruation, gynecological diseases.Almost all of the women taking the mini-pill, note the improvement in the hair and skin.
If you are unable to block ovulation, that is, the probability of pregnancy is stagnant, srednedozirovannye prescribe contraceptives.They are used for the treatment of many gynecological diseases.
laboring women and women older than 27 years, doctors prescribe low-dose preparations.The criterion of effectiveness is the wife's well-being and successful blocking ovulation.If ovulation is preserved and there is no contraceptive effect - vysokodizirovannye prescribed hormonal contraceptives.
in late reproductive age and the presence of contraindications to estrogen progestin contraceptives apply.They feature a single phase operation and the need to take them every day.Contraceptive effect is somewhat lower than that of estrogen, but the drugs in this group can be taken during breastfeeding.
If you had unprotected sexual intercourse, condom broke and the risk of pregnancy is very high, prescribers emergency kontartseptsii.They are effective due to high doses of hormones.Their method is justified if you do not plan the pregnancy, and are a safer alternative to abortion.They can not be taken regularly and often several times a year - it could trigger hormonal failure and other health problems.
tablets are packed in convenient blister and have a layout that allows you to control the reception and in the case of missing pills in time to take action.Some manufacturers add vitamin pills blister with drugs that should be used during the seven-day break.Taking oral contraceptives without a prescription is impossible.However, once the designated drug, provided its efficiency, you can drink for a long time, often up to the menopause.After childbirth, miscarriage, abortion and therapeutic oral contraceptives prescribed by a special scheme.