Instructions for Use "Advantan»

Medicament "Advantan" act locally, eliminating the symptoms of inflammation of the skin, allergic skin reactions, prevents the development of abnormal thickening of the skin."Advantan" is used as an ointment for the topical treatment of dermatitis of various origins (allergic, atopic, contact, neurodermatitis), in dry or degenerative eczema.The drug reduces redness, rash, swelling and thickening of the skin, eliminate itching and burning.

the dry type of skin oily ointment applied "Advantan," and in normal - without castor oil ointment.When weeping skin is better to use a cream "Advantan" water-based.Any form of drug applied in a thin layer to the affected area once a day.The course of treatment for adults is three months.The drug "Advantan" can be used in children aged from
six months but not longer than one month. emulsion "Advantan" used to treat sunburn and contact dermatitis.

contraindications, side effects "Advantan»

«Advantan" is contraindicated in hypersensitive to any component of the drug, it should not be prescribed for viral infections, syphilis, tuberculosis of the skin.Contraindicated to apply "Advantan" on large areas of skin for more than three months.Pregnant women drug is prescribed only in extreme cases.When bacterial and fungal infections of the skin "Advantan" is used solely as an aid."Advantan" can not be applied to the face in the perioral dermatitis, as well as pink acne.You should avoid contact with the drug on the mucous membranes. Before using "Advantan" children should consult a pediatrician.

On reviews "Advantan" can have side effects, which are manifested by itching, redness and burning of the skin, appearance of rashes in the form of small bubbles at the site of the drug.After applying the drug can thin the skin, the appearance of acne and stretch marks in the form of purple stripes (striae).Sometimes it can develop inflammation of the hair follicle or the appearance of hypertrichosis (excess hair growth), dermatitis around the mouth.

«Advantan" should be stored in a cool place.Cream, ointment and emulsion is stored at a temperature of up to 25C, a fatty ointment - at a temperature not higher than 30C.Shelf life of all forms of the drug, in addition to fatty ointments, - up to three years, greasy ointment can be stored up to five years.The preparation is available in pharmacies without a prescription.