«Fortrans": indications for use

drug "Fortrans" is used to cleanse the bowel in preparation for radiological and endoscopic examination of the colon, as well as operations that require the lack of intestinal contents.Included in the "Fortrans" electrolytes while preventing disturbance of water-salt balance in the body, offsetting the loss of potassium, sodium, calcium and phosphorus.

How to take the drug: User

«Fortrans" prescribed only to adults and adolescents over 15 years.The contents of one sachet is completely dissolved in one liter of water, with the dose adjusted as follows: 1 liter of solution per 15-20 kg body weight.On average, for a full bowel lavage is required to drink 3-4 liters of "Fortrans."A set dose ma
y be taken once, the night before the study or the intended operation or divided into several times.Last reception "Fortrans" should be at least 3-4 hours before the procedure. prepared solution is desirable to drink slowly, to have time to soften the stool.The recommended dosing regimen - a liter of product per hour.

Side Effects "Fortrans»

After taking the drug, in rare cases, can appear side effects.The effects of the digestive system - nausea, vomiting, flatulence, feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the abdomen.Also, there may be an allergic reaction to polyethylene glycol: swelling, skin rash, in rare cases - anaphylactic shock.


In some states the use of "Fortrans" contraindicated.These include: dehydration, severe heart failure, malignant colon cancer or other diseases associated with mucosal lesions, estimated or revealed intestinal obstruction (partial or complete), intestinal pain of unknown origin. Elderly patients recommend taking "Fortrans" only under medical supervision.

Drug Interactions "Fortrans" with other means

should be taken into consideration that the osmotic diarrhea caused by taking "Fortrans" can disrupt the absorption of other oral drugs taken simultaneously.In this case, a laxative may decrease the effect of another drug.