How do hormonal contraceptives

These birth control pills are not used for internal use.They have a spermicide effect and applied before sexual contact for the local prevention of unwanted pregnancies.Typically, active components in such formulations are benzalkonium chloride and nonoxynol.Both of these substances effectively destroy the sperm for a few seconds and do not allow them to penetrate into the uterus.In addition, all non-hormonal birth control pills have antimicrobial activity and are able to protect the woman from certain sexually transmitted diseases.Therefore, this method of contraception is considered one of the best and is widely used in women who are contraindicated for other contraceptives.

advantages of vaginal tablets

These drugs have virtually no contraindications, they are comfort
able to use - are entered as required.Non-hormonal pills used at any age, including at various gynecological diseases and post-natal contraception.To enhance the spermicidal properties and can be used in conjunction with condoms.Vaginal contraceptives - the perfect choice for women who lead irregular sexual life.

What are the disadvantages of nonhormonal drugs

For some women, not quite convenient is the use of pills just before intimacy.Furthermore, after administration is not recommended to take a shower over a time interval.In rare cases, there is a side effect of drugs in the form of allergic skin irritation.Non-hormonal birth control pills are not suitable for everyday use, since they can cause a violation of the vaginal flora.

Popular hormonal contraceptives

«Pharmatex" comes in the form of vaginal tablets, suppositories and creams.Used for 10 minutes prior to sexual contact and effectively acts for 4 hours.The drug prevents infection chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and fungal infection.

«Ginekoteks" - vaginal tablets with contraceptive effect and broad spectrum antibacterial action.The drug is administered for 5 to 10 minutes before the intimacy and valid for 4 hours.It is not recommended to use in inflammation of the vagina.

«Benateks" - an effective non-hormonal contraceptive that comes in the form of tablets and gels.It is undesirable to use in severe irritation of the vaginal mucosa.