«lidocaine" is produced in the form of a solution for injection, in the form of droplets, and there are aerosols, sprays and gels with its content, which is used for processing sections with pain.Assign "Lidocaine" for local anesthesia for bruises, sprains or surgical interventions, for example in dentistry or gynecology.

How does "Lidocaine»

analgesia is due to the fact that the drug got into tissue surrounding blocks nerve endings and pain impulses from them cease to act in the human brain.Action "Lidocaine" as injections lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, and means in the form of sprays, aerosols, gels and run for 5-6 minutes.The drug also has vasodilating effect, but does not irritate tissues, and of side effects generally do not happen.

use of the drug and its dosage

«Lidocaine" injections used to create the so-calle
d blockade, as the epidural anesthesia during childbirth, dental, and many other cases.The drug is also used to relieve discomfort in different types of studies of internal organs.

in dental practice, and the preparation is applied as a spray, aerosol or gel when removing or installing the teeth dentures and crowns during surgical interventions or suturing the oral cavity.When ENT operations such as washing the sinuses, adenoidectomy and polyps also use "Lidocaine".

Dosage selected individually, depending on the area of ​​the place you want to anesthetize, and general condition of the patient.For example, used for epidural anesthesia for about twenty milliliters of "Lidocaine", while anesthesia trachea - just three milliliters.

«Lidocaine" a gel is applied once a thin layer to the affected area, while the spray treatment is carried out in three stages, and gynecological and obstetric manipulations may require up to twenty sprays.However, do not make more than twenty irrigations thirty-five kilogram of patient body weight.

«Lidocaine" should be used very carefully, since the drug is quite strong and with his careless and uncontrolled use can manifest themselves side effects.Self-medication with the use of this drug is strictly prohibited, since the patient may simply not be aware of its existing contraindications or may exceed the dosage, which is fraught with serious consequences.