Useful properties woodlice

Woodlouse is a real pantry of nutrients.For example, it contains essential oils, tannins, saponins, wax, organic acids, vitamins, many groups.The composition woodlice includes minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium.The plant has an excellent expectorant, diuretic, emollient and soothing action.It is used as a tool that is able to stop the bleeding.In addition, the wood louse has antiseptic and choleretic action.

Woodlouse favorable effect on heart function, lowers blood pressure, if necessary, restores the nervous system.This plant is an excellent tonic that strengthens the whole body.

Application woodlice

woodlice actively used in fol
k medicine.The juice of this plant helps with diseases of the thyroid gland, hemorrhoids, liver and kidney diseases.The juice contains a lot of lice vitamin E. It is responsible for the improvement of blood purification blood vessels, body rejuvenation. It should be noted that vitamin E promotes the excretion of harmful substances.

woodlice also used in the form of infusions and decoctions of flowers, stems and leaves of the plant.For example, the infusion of this plant are used in diseases of the lungs, kidneys, heart, scurvy, coughs, stomach ulcers and colitis.It should be noted that Multiped improves hemoglobin in the blood.

woodlice infusion is used externally - in the form of a bath with scrofula, sores, festering wounds, skin rashes.From the plant manufactured special lotions that are suitable as a therapeutic agent for the symptoms of sciatica, rheumatism and aching.

There is a simple recipe of tincture woodlice, which helps with pain in the intestines and stomach.To prepare 1 tablespoon of herbs, pour a glass of vodka should be.The convoy must infuse for 2 weeks in a dark place.15-20 drops of tincture diluted finished a glass of water.Take this remedy before the main meal. before using lice for therapeutic purposes should consult with your doctor.


Woodlouse has the property of lowering blood pressure.That is why it is by no means should not be used for people with low blood pressure.Also, do not forget you are hypersensitive to various kinds of herbs and possible allergic reactions.