Action "Arbidol»

«Arbidol" has repeatedly been tested on animals, causing any negative effects on the fetus and the mother has been identified.However, pregnant women are a special category for which clinical trials are conducted infrequently - so reliable data on the impact of "Arbidol" for them there.In connection with this product can be used only on prescription in cases where the potential benefits from taking it up to the mother of the potential risk to the fetus.

According to the manufacturers, "Arbidol" is a non-toxic drug that can cause only rare allergic reactions.

Action "Arbidol" is based on the induction of interferon, which is involved in the maintenance and proper operation of the immune system.In pregnant
women immunity decreases due to changes in hormonal levels, which leads to the development of infectious or inflammatory diseases.But it is difficult to predict the reaction of the natural interferon an additional source of it in the form of "Arbidol".

when pregnancy can be given "Arbidol»

Justified appointment of "Arbidol" a pregnant woman may be the case if it is life threatening viral infection that can destroy the drug.The most effective "Arbidol" proved itself against coronaviruses, provoking the development of severe acute respiratory syndrome, as well as strains of influenza A and B.

Influenza type A and B, with reduced immunity against the background of pregnancy occurs in women pretty hard.

When different flu and acute respiratory diseases caused by viruses, "Arbidol" prescribed to pregnant women the standard dose of 200 mg four times a day for five days.Also, it is often prescribed for the prevention of women who during pregnancy contact with a person suffering from an acute viral infection, and during a flu epidemic.Prophylactic dose "Arbidol" is 200 milligrams twice a week for several weeks.

Replace "Arbidol" folk prophylactic agents can be in the form of onions, garlic and honey right out of the cells.Effective protection from disease herbal teas of chamomile, raspberry and lime colors, which are harmless to both the mother and child.This decoctions of mother and stepmother and nettle of prophylactics is desirable to eliminate.