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Fitosvechi were created as an analogue of ear candles on the basis of the cocoa butter with the addition of antiseptic, antibiotic or antifungal agent.When administered in the ear they are thawed at room temperature, without preventing access of air and outflow of pus from the tympanic cavity.

fitosvechi His popularity got to the ears due to the composition.Propolis - a powerful antiseptic and essential oils and herbs have antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.Phytotherapy effect - credit vakuumterapii and soft natural heat that is produced during combustion.

Their use helps improve hearing and facilitates nasal breathing, naturally remove cerumen from the ear canal and
improves blood circulation.Besides all this, candles claimed as a sedative and anti-stress, normalizes sleep.

Contraindications to the use of fitosvechey are ear infections, surgery to the ear, which was held less than 3 months ago, perforated eardrum, Auricular cyst and allergic reactions to the drug.

Modern ear candles and Security

beeswax and synthetic polymers, which are part of the candles, are not able to melt at room temperature.To perform the procedure required of ignition.The ability of small children to lie still in doubt.Sparks, which is formed in the combustion process may set fire to the hair.

situation described above - not the only threat posed fitosvechi.By melting the wax flows into the external auditory meatus and after curing forms a dense crust covering the eardrum.Rinse the film is impossible, because the wax repels water.Salvation in this situation is in the hands of the otolaryngologist and looks like a metal hook, which will come off the wax.Even experienced physician in this situation it would be difficult not to harm the delicate eardrum.

About questionable benefit,

components that make up the candles, are useful in some instances, but not as a smoke and not for the ears.Smoke impregnated with essential oils of lavender, cinnamon and mint oil, sulfuric small cap turns into a dry, blackened by smoke formation, which can extract a doctor.Self-treatment often leads to the development otomycosis whose symptoms include itching, discharge from the ear and redness.