Why identical drugs are both expensive and cheap?The answer is simple.In the search for and production of new chemical formulas, scientists spend a lot of money, time and money, after which the pharmaceutical company buys them and starts a patent medicine for sale.It is because of the price of new drugs is very high, because you must pay back the investment.Only after the term of the patent expires, which is nearly 20 years, a new drug has the right to produce any pharmaceutical company.
Further, the company - a manufacturer engaged in the development of improved versions of drugs, then drugs entering the market of second and third generation.New drug to hit the market, is much more expensive, but after a few years of its price decreases.For example, a couple of years ago, the price of "Tsi
prolet" is more than 300 rubles, which at that time was very expensive, but now the price is about $ 100.
expensive drugs from cheap differ only in degree of purity and the possible side effects.Y drugs second and third generation purification rate is significantly higher, and although the therapeutic effect they have the same, but the side effects significantly less.For example, drugs for allergy "Suprastin" and "Tavegil" drowsy, but their cost is much less than the "Erius" and "Telfast" having no such side effects.
new drugs produced by the pharmaceutical industry, significantly more drug components.For example, a remedy for common cold "Terflu" includes not only antipyretic and antiallergic agent, and vitamin C, while the cheapest "Paracetamol" simply lowers the temperature.All the expensive drugs are available easier to use, the validity period is much higher, and they are much less likely to be accepted than cheaper counterparts.
pros and cons of inexpensive drugs, there is not enough.Dzheneretiki tend to differ considerably lower price.Therefore, to forge such drugs is not economically profitable.These disadvantages include the fact that cheap analogs are generally made with a content cheap auxiliary components, often on old equipment.
Remember that some doctors receive a percentage of sales of expensive medications.So if your doctor gives you a ready-made forms of medicines and guides to a specific pharmacy, most of all, he receives a certain percentage.So do not rush to buy, because prescribing in different pharmacies can cost much cheaper.