Along with edema, a pregnant woman may experience increased blood pressure and protein present in the urine.Such a condition is classified as preeclampsia.There is a misconception that swelling is necessary to reduce the number of drunk liquid.In fact, it should be increased.When

reveal symptoms of preeclampsia, expectant mother administered drugs that in addition to the elimination of symptoms, can harm a child.Therefore, gynecologists choose a more gentle way - herbal teas kidney.

effective renal teas

most important effects of tea - diuretic.The ability to withdraw excess water from the human body and lowering blood pressure at the same time - the most important effect of the diuretic effects.In addition, the tea to cure various diseases of the kidney.

a result of the use o
f the drink of the woman's body shows an excess of uric acid and chlorides, which reduces swelling.The number of doses of therapeutic and toxic at tea are different, so it is very rare side effects.It is very important to avoid overdosing.

Feature teas

When you select the kidney tea for pregnant women need to be very cautious and to carefully study the instructions for use.

There are many teas recommended for pregnant women who have no contraindications:

«Lingonberry tea" in addition to the diuretic effect has many advantages.It strengthens the immune system and makes up for a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body.It also has anti-inflammatory effects in diseases of the urinary system.Use this tea should not be more than once a day, as it can improve the tone of the uterus, which is also unsafe.

«Brusniver" is a collection of herbs: cranberries, rose hips, grass and hypericum succession.All components have a positive effect on the body of a woman and her unborn child.In addition to the diuretic effect, "Brusniver" has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.Use this tea is recommended three or four times a day for a quarter cup.

«orthosiphon" absolutely safe for pregnant women Kidney tea at any stage of pregnancy.This tea can be consumed as a single agent and in treatment of diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Application kidney tea is very effective not only for the elimination of edema, and removing toxic substances from the body.
should not forget that during pregnancy any means, even the most harmless, should be taken with extreme caution.No need to appoint a willfully receiving kidney tea.You should always consult with a qualified professional who will prescribe the necessary medication and determine a course of treatment.