Tip 1: "Jeanine": instructions for use

«Jeanine" is hormonal contraceptives for women, it is prescribed for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.It inhibits ovulation by acting on the endometrium and cervical secretions.

Drug Usage "Janine»

Medicament "Janine" is indicated for the prevention of pregnancy.The tool also helps to equalize the menstrual cycle, they may become less painful.The drug is beginning to take on the first day of menses, with the proviso that other oral contraceptives in the preceding month are not used.If you need to go to "Janine", are beginning to use it immediately after the last tablet of the previous contraceptive. After taking the drug, "Janine" bleeding becomes less intense, it reduces the chance of anemia.

Tablets "Jeanine" need to drink once a day, at the same time.The course of treatment lasts 21 days, then a break for 7 days, at this time to begin menstruation.You can not miss taking the drug.If this happens, you need to take a pill for the next twelve hours.Then continue normal reception facil

If you forget tablets in the first week more than 12 hours, so as not to become pregnant, should be for the next week in addition to use barrier methods of contraception.If you missed doses during the second week (provided that the assets are in the first week of the schedule), an additional means of contraception may not apply.If a tablet is missed in the third week, you can do the following: start taking the next pack without making week break;or stop taking the drug, to make a break of seven days, including the day of skipping pills, and then start a new pack.

Side effects, contraindications to the use of the drug "Janine»

drug "Jeanine" may cause the following side effects: pain, stress and an increase in breast, discharge from the breasts, headache, bloody spotting vaginal discharge, fickle mood, changes in libido, blurred vision, intolerance of lenses, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fluid retention, weight change, jaundice, allergies, itching, rash. If, after receiving "Jeanine" during the following 4 hours had diarrhea or vomiting, you need to take care of an additional contraception and to adhere to recommendations by skipping pills.

«Jeanine" is contraindicated in vaginal bleeding of unknown origin, thrombosis, migraine, diabetes with vascular complications, liver failure, pancreatitis, malignant hormone-dependent entities, suspected pregnancy, during pregnancy, lactation, when diagnosed hypersensitivitywith operations in the legs, major trauma, major surgery.

Tip 2: "Jeanine": instructions for use

«Jeanine" - estrogen-progestin oral single phase agent.The drug comes in the form of pills.It consists of two active ingredients - ethinyl estradiol and dienogest."Janine" is used as a means of contraception.
contraceptive effect "Janine" is achieved through the interaction of various factors, one of which is the change in viscosity of cervical mucus and inhibition of ovulation.Also, when the combination of estrogen and progestogen normal menstrual cycle, reduces the amount of bleeding, reduces pain during menstruation.Dienogest, which is a nortestosterone derivative with antiadrogennoy activity increases the concentration of HDL cholesterol and has a positive effect on the lipid profile.
«Jeanine" should be applied strictly in order orally, which is listed on the packaging.Dragee be taken every day at the same time, squeezed with a small amount of liquid.The drug is carried by one tablet a day for 21 days.The use of the next pack is started after a week break, during which come monthly.Before you start taking "Jeanine" should consult your gynecologist.Since the appointment takes into account such nuances as the failure to receive any hormonal contraceptives before using "Janine", the transition to other oral contraceptives combined on the drug and the availability of abortion in the I trimester of pregnancy.Also to the drug should be careful about after birth and late abortion.
hormonal drug is contraindicated for liver cancer, diabetes, thrombosis, migraine, pregnancy, lactation, vaginal bleeding of unknown origin, hepatic failure, pancreatitis, malignant diseases of the breast and genital organs, in case of hypersensitivity to the components"Janine".You also can not take the medication after extensive injuries, prolonged immobilization, and major surgery.The drug is immediately canceled if the intake of pills for the first time developed one of the above conditions.
In the case of irregular reception "Jeanine" intermenstrual bleeding may occur and worsen contraceptive and therapeutic action of the drug.Admission pills during treatment should not be interrupted for more than a week.Before starting the use of hormonal drugs should undergo a thorough gynecological examination and exclude pregnancy."Janine" can cause side effects such as changes in body weight, fluid retention, skin and allergic reactions, breast tenderness, changes in vaginal secretion and rarely chloasma.
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