methods of application of amber acid, made from natural amber, depending on what kind of action you want to get - therapeutic or prophylactic.To increase the body's defenses in the autumn-winter period, take one to three tablets of succinic acid for three days.After a one-day break to continue receiving the standard regimen.Babies recommended to reduce the dose twice.Since preparations of succinic acid are completely identical acid produced by the body, say prolonged use of tablets with small breaks.
Succinic acid has the unique ability to restore the energy potential of the organism to neutralize and remove toxic compound
s and wastes 60 times faster, and neutralize free radicals, has potent antioxidant properties, to take the drug rationally in all diseases whereIt requires a rapid recovery of the body.
in individuals predisposed to cancer, succinic acid intake reduces the risk of malignant tumors in 100 times.
When kidney disease, urinary tract recommended course welcome succinic acid at a dose of one tablet or powder, dissolved in water, three times a day.
After receiving a large amount of alcohol hangover may be removed with a solution prepared from a succinic acid powder, stir in a cup of warm water.
Slimming using succinic acid at a dose of three tablets four times a day.Rapid elimination of toxins, toxins, accelerate metabolism and increased metabolic processes contribute to a rapid loss of body fat.
succinic acid is often used as an anti-aging.Since the drug has a powerful antioxidant effect, removes toxins and wastes, increases metabolism, and normalizes the functional ability of all vital organs, pills or powder as the rejuvenating means is justified.
During pregnancy intake of succinic acid is shown to women toxicosis, threatened miscarriage, preeclampsia.Before using the drug should receive the recommendation of the attending physician.
Also testimony to the acceptance of succinic acid, there are contraindications.The drug is not recommended if you are hypersensitive and hypersensitivity.Also, succinic acid is contraindicated in gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, high acidity, hypertension, with calculi in the kidneys and biliary tract.