«Polysorb" prescribed for intoxications of different origin, intestinal infections and acute poisoning, including alcohol, drugs and toxic substances.Also, the drug used for the treatment of drug and food allergies, dysbiosis, chronic renal failure, jaundice and septic diseases with severe symptoms of intoxication.

Instructions for Use "POLYSORB»

drug "Polysorb" taken as a suspension.To prepare a certain amount of the drug added to the beaker with water and thoroughly mixed.Suspensions are prepared before each reception 1 times.

daily dosage is determined by the rate of 0.1-0.2 g "POLYSORB" per 1 kg of body weight.The average daily intake "POLYSORB" for adults is 6-12 g: taken for 3-4 times.The maximum dose - 20 g per day.A single dose s
hould be dissolved in 50-100 ml of water. «Polysorb" take 1 hour before meals and taking other drugs or 1-1.5 hours after.When food allergy medication should be taken before a meal or during it.

When children taking the drug dose is calculated on a time basis of body weight.Children weighing up to 10 kg taking 0.5 teaspoons of the drug diluted in 30-50 ml of water, for the reception.For children weighing 11-20 kg single dose of 1 teaspoon of "no slide" powder diluted in 30-50 ml of fluid.The dosage for children weighing 21-30 - 1 teaspoon "heaped" on 50-70 ml of water.Children weighing 31-40 kg take 2 teaspoons "heaped" powder into 70-100 ml of water, weighing 41-60 kg - 1 tablespoon of "heaped" in 100 ml of fluid.The drug must be taken three times a day. in 1 teaspoon "heaped" contains 1 g, 1 tablespoon of "heaped" - 3 grams of the drug.

In acute poisoning and intestinal infections, drug taking in 3-5 days.In the treatment of hepatitis B drug "Polysorb" take the first 7-10 days of illness.In chronic renal failure treatment lasts 25-30 days, 2-3 weeks course can be performed repeatedly.

When eczema and psoriasis treatment is 2-3 weeks, with other dermatological diseases - 10-14 days.In allergy medication should be taken until symptoms disappear.If angioedema, recurrent urticaria, atopic dermatitis and bronchial asthma drug must be taken a course of 10-15 days.


«Polysorb" contraindicated if you are hypersensitive its components, a peptic ulcer in the acute stage, intestinal bleeding in the digestive tract.


According to reviews, the drug "Polysorb" is effective for poisoning - food and alcohol.Also pronounced effect observed with this drug in the treatment of allergic and skin diseases.In particular, "Polysorb" helps with skin problems, including post-dose observed decrease in the number and severity of acne and blackheads.