pharmacological action of the drug "Linex»

The preparation includes dairy live bacteria that block the development, reproduction and activity of pathogenic microorganisms.Components "Linex" play a role in providing the body with essential vitamins Group "B" and «D», as well as create favorable conditions for the absorption of useful minerals, such as calcium and iron.

Before the drug intestinal pH decreases slightly, the livelihoods of digestive enzymes activated by inhibiting the development of pathogens and production of metabolites and antibacterial substances is detrimental to pathogenic bacteria.

Price "Linex" is quite high, and the long period of treatment significantly increases the cost of the course.However, pharmacologists offered other drugs, the spectrum of action which is the same, but the price is much lower than peers.

substitutes analogues "Linex»

Cheap analogues "Linex", in spite of a slight difference in the composition has a similar pharmacological effect.The main low-cost substitutes "Linex" include the following drugs.

1. «Bifiform" - an effective probiotic, which includes more than a hundred of beneficial bacteria.The drug is a BAS, is assigned to the prevention of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, recommended if necessary during pregnancy and lactation.Price "bifiform" is different from the price "Linex" in the smaller side, but too cheap medicines also can not be named.

2. «Hilak forte" - a combined preparation, which includes lactose, lactic acid, and a set of useful amino acids.It has a therapeutic effect at all stages of disease.It is used to treat diarrhea, gastroenteritis, effective for the elimination of intestinal disorders, bloating, constipation and increased gas production.

3. «Normoflorin" - biologically active additive, which is administered in the event of severe intestinal infections, normalize gut flora and treating diarrhea.The drug acts by creating a kind of biofilm, which blocks the development of pathogenic bacteria, thus improving peristalsis."Normoflorin" has no contraindications and side effects.

4. «Bifidumbacterin" - included in the category of "cheap analogues" Linex "and contains active bifidus, which are necessary for daily consumption.The drug is indicated for chronic constipation, dysbiosis, vaginosis and obesity.When you receive a "Bifidumbacterin" beneficial bacteria in the gut and colonized by immobilized state provide sealing mucosa.This process results in rapid normalization of the mucosa and intestine.The drug has no contraindications, is well tolerated, so it is widely used to treat children.

5. «Lactobacterin" - contains lactobacilli, which contribute to improving the process of metabolism, and the restoration of lowered immunity.It is effective for the treatment of dysbiosis mild and colpitis and infections of the oral cavity.The drug is also effective for the prevention of intestinal infectious diseases, but not recommended for children, and candidiasis hypersensitivity to its components.

6. «Polibakterin" - combined analogue cheapest "Linex", with which you can quickly restore intestinal flora.Component of the drug is active probiotic strains, it can be used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal disorders, bisbakteriozah and infections of the oral cavity."Polibakterin" is an effective preventive and restorative remedy.

Most of the described analogs is much cheaper than the "Linex" and their pharmacological action is similar.Moreover, practically all preparations have contraindications and well tolerated in the reception period.But if you decide to replace the appointed for the treatment of "Linex", you should still consult your doctor to avoid individual reactions and eliminate the possible side effects of the complex treatment along with other prescription medications.