candles or injection - a question often arises when you need to solve the problem of increased body temperature in humans.Doctors like to prescribe a candle, but patients are not always sure that they are appropriate.Hence the questions arise: what is better to use?


injections began to put sick people in the middle of the 17th century.Then as a syringe using a sharp quill.The appearance of the usual modern humanity pen occurred in 1853.

injections are necessary in cases where the active substance of the drug in other forms of reception will cause not the effect.For example, if you take an o
rdinary magnesia, it can be understood that when taking a powder inside a person will upset stomach.Thus, magnesia if put prick intramuscularly, it works as the agent which causes relaxation of smooth muscles and decreases pressure.That is, in the form of injections magnesia good as anticonvulsants.

injection also good in terms of speed and efficiency of concentration of the drug to the desired organ or tissue.Thus, tablets entering the digestive organs, exposed to various chemicals and reactions of the gastric juice, acids, etc.As a result, the concentration of the active drug substance falls.As for the shots, putting the drug through a vein or muscle does not expose the active substance medications such metamorphosis, and it fully reaches its destination.

As for performance drugs, it starts literally in 1-10 minutes after administration.In the case of the formulation of a candle or taking pills, this period may be extended to 20-40 minutes, and even hours.

However, it should be borne in mind that the injection be sure to correctly set.The syringes must be sterile, injection site processed.Also must be able to prick.Otherwise, you can carry infection and get fester, causing the patient's health situation will deteriorate even further.


use candles for treatment of a safe procedure even than pills, not to mention the injections.This is due to the fact that the plug is normally inserted into the anus and its damage while virtually nothing is impossible.This is connected with the fact that the base form of the drug such fat, so it can easily conform to the body.

absorption of the active substances occurs through the intestinal wall, which also affects the chemical composition of the active substance and reduces its concentration.The only speed action candles lose injections.They begin to work for about 10-30 minutes.

Furthermore, the undoubted advantage of this kind of drugs is the fact that the absorption of the active substance takes place, bypassing the liver.Namely, this organ is particularly susceptible to various kinds of chemicals.

Candles literally irreplaceable when you need to treat children.Rare baby adequately respond to the injections.And not every adult loves them.Of course, it should take into account that the child enter a candle - the same problem is not the easiest, but it is less painful and traumatic than a shot.

Choose what type of issue is better, it is difficult - and she and the other for their own good.Therefore it is necessary to focus on a doctor's recommendation.And if he appoints injections, then you need to put the shots, while respecting the rules of procedure.If you can do with candles, choose candles.