Why cystitis and why you?

Cystitis - an inflammation of the bladder that occurs 3 times more often in women, since the structure of the genitourinary system predisposes to the disease.Cystitis honeymoon, due to the fact that sexual relations become more intense and female sex organs are affected by unusual stress and disorders of sex hygiene.All of which leads to the onset of the disease.

What are the symptoms of cystitis

main signs of cystitis are:

  • frequent and painful urination,
  • pain intensified at the end of urination, and the urine output decreases,
  • feeling of heaviness and pain in the lower abdomen, lower back pain,
  • weakness, feeling cold sweat, shivering.

Can I have sex during cystitis?

Cystitis need to abstain from sex until they are cured.

If you are faced with this disease

at the beginning of your married life, do not hide your problem from her husband.Explain to him what you feel.Tell him that neither your nor his guilt is happening there, and that with the right timely treatment you will soon be in service.However, consider how you will get out of this situation.Discuss what alternative erotic games can help you to refrain from direct sexual contact.

treatment of cystitis

Try more lie in bed.Drink as much as possible, preferably water or camomile tea, tea with milk.If you have the opportunity, take painkillers and antispasmodic.To reduce the feeling of pain you can apply a warm heating pad on the abdomen or between their legs.As well help warm bath of chamomile for the crotch.

Keep your legs and lower back in the warmth.Beware of hypothermia.During cystitis contraindicated swimming in the sea and being under direct sunlight.

If cystitis is recommended to exclude from the diet spicy and irritating (smoked, marinated) products, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, coffee.

the first opportunity to consult a urologist or a nearby hospital emergency room to clarify the causes of the disease and prescribing treatment.

Prevention cystitis

  • empty the bladder before and after sex,
  • Follow good personal hygiene before and after sex,
  • With frequent and extreme sex and condom use lubrifikanty.
  • not supercool and do not overheat, ukareplyayte immunity.

Remember prevention is easier and more pleasant treatment.