Post sleep

Strong and quality sleep is always needed, and with the onset of autumn it becomes extremely necessary action to chronic sores are not made themselves felt.If you go to bed earlier than the former and give yourself to sleep as much time as you need for a rash, your immune system will become much stronger and more resistant to all sorts of diseases.All matter that is generated during the sleep hormone called melanin, which in turn affects the normal functioning of the immune system.By establishing a dream,

you can not only avoid the exacerbation of chronic diseases, but also to prepare your body for winter.

not forget one very important point: the restoration of power in sleep more often occurs in 2 hours until midnight.These hours are 4 hours of sleep after 12 midnight.

proper diet or switch to autumn diet

With the onset of autumn need to give your body is not only a healthy restful sleep, but also to supply him with the right products.

To avoid autumn exacerbation of chronic diseases, include in your diet the following products:

  • seasonal fruits and vegetables;
  • wheat germ (which contains large amounts of B vitamins);
  • liver (in which the body needs a lot of iron);
  • dairy products (they are able to establish normal operation of the digestive tract)

People who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, in the autumn should be excluded from the diet not only sharp, salty, and fatty foods.In other words, do not eat those foods that can trigger disruptions in the body.


If the summer has ended, it does not mean that you can stop to keep myself in shape and do not give the body to exercise.Regular exercise, as well as healthy sleep, can strengthen the immune system, but in this case due to melanin, and by endorphins - hormones of joy.Morning exercise, outdoor exercise, yoga, swimming, aerobic exercise - all this will help you avoid the autumn exacerbation of chronic diseases, and spend the last warm days with friends.