fears of women is partly justified.Hormonal contraceptives should not be taken in the first months after birth, during breast-feeding.They are contraindicated for women who suffer from diabetes, kidney disease, liver, had a heart attack or stroke.Even in healthy women often get into trouble because of the interference in the hormonal balance: there is extra weight, reduced immunity, and this is not the most serious consequences.

However, risk their health and do not need.There are birth control pills, the effect of which is not related to hormonal regulation.

How do non-hormonal contraceptive pill

main objective of non-hormonal contraceptive is to prevent the sperm from meeting the egg.This goal is ac
hieved through the action of any of the two active substances - and benzalkonium nonoxynol.These substances are called spermicide, they can damage or destroy the membrane of sperm, resulting in their death.

Another line of action of spermicides - a thickening of mucus, which fills cervical canal of the cervix.Too thick mucus prevents sperm to move up the cervical canal, and the probability of their penetration into the uterus is significantly reduced.Fertilization in such circumstances impossible.

Have nonhormonal konratseptivov and takes optional effect - antimicrobial action.They destroy chlamydia, gonorrhea, pathogenic fungi and even herpes virus.But the natural microflora of the vagina, these drugs do not pose any threat.

How to use hormonal contraceptives

Unlike hormonal contraceptives, hormonal pills do not need to be taken every day, especially if the sexual life of a woman is different regularity.This should be done just before sexual intercourse, about ten minutes before it starts.Tablets

these are among the vaginal rather than orally.In other words, they must not swallow, and inserted into the vagina.For added convenience, the introduction to many drugs of this type are attached special devices.

this tablet can act 40 minutes to two hours, this is indicated in the instructions.In the future, before the new sex act would have to take another pill.The action may stop sooner if washed away after intercourse.

In some women, hormonal birth control pills can cause unpleasant sensations in the vagina - itching, burning.In this case, you must stop using these pills and see a gynecologist, he helped to choose another drug.