prevent the emergence of "bones" can not be, but it is possible to stop or at least suspend the process of deformation.
Thus a miracle-insoles or orthotics in particular do not expect.Of course, they redistribute the load on the foot, to alleviate some symptoms, but do not eliminate its causes.Prevention of the disease can be muscle strengthening.
When the bones appear out of the longitudinal flat, that is, when there is a steep set of feet and legs get tired quickly, it is a good result can be achieved with the help of exercises that strengthen the muscles of the leg and foot.But in the case of transverse flatfoot situation is somewhat different.It is too sm
all, we have a controlled muscle, is responsible for the development of the disease.But in this case, do not despair, strengthening exercises will still be very useful.It is necessary to make turns stop to any side of the circular rotation, massage, as well as compulsory daily warm bath.Do the complex rehabilitation feet every day, and then you will be able to stop the growth of bone is very long.
traditional medicine specialists recommend also be applied directly to the bone iodine grid.This will help reduce inflammation and stop the growth of cartilage.
There is another tool that can get rid of pain in the bones.Rub a blue bow on a grater, put on a piece of gauze, previously folded in two layers, and apply to the patient bone, fixing plaster.Then put on top of the legs cellophane bags and so go to sleep.In the morning wash your feet, dry and grease ten percent iodine.Repeat this procedure every day for a month.
Wear shoes on a low heel only (in shoes without a heel absolutely no need to go) on a mandatory basis - to "breathe."
If cartilage, accrued at the head of the metatarsal bone is gradually transformed into bone, the "stone" is sure to declare itself a constant pain.In such a situation will help the operation.Today, there are many ways of surgical correction of the foot.