Organize breast so that the baby was the most protected from getting drugs.For this Decant advance the necessary number of servings of milk products with the expectation of removal of your blood within 6 hours.Do not worry that the baby can get from you, the body will produce the necessary antibodies that can fight the infection.Only after this treatment start.In order not to reduce the level of milk production, and to express it in the period of medication, but it should be discarded, it can not be used.
not take such means as Almagelum, aspirin, anti-diabetic drugs, antibiotics such as tetracycline and levomitetsina they violate chi
ldren's metabolism.In no case do not use Biseptol, nevigramon, metronidozol, Trichopolum, fenilin and indomethacin.All of these drugs are a real threat to the child, and their use has irreversible consequences for the still weak body.
course, serious illness, disrupting internal organs, should be treated only under the supervision of a specialist.But there is a sickness which can be managed independently.For example, a headache, and the temperature will analginum paratsetamol.A here or cough medicine washes to choose only an expert as popular lozenges, syrups, labels and may cause an allergic reaction in baby.As an exception will only fit tincture of licorice root, which not only alleviates the symptoms, but also strengthens the immune system.In addition, you can spend inhalation medications because it falls into the bronchi.If this method is you have concerns, replace drugs on folk remedies, breathed over boiled potatoes in their skins.
For serious inflammations can use antibiotics, which tend not to fall into the milk - all products containing penicillin.
save from colds and runny nose can be any medications that do not have a vasoconstrictor effect.For nasal lavage suitable products containing sea water.Get rid of the common cold may be drops of essential oils.
Do not be afraid to apply and topical agents.

absolutely safe for the baby ointments, drops and antiseptic.The only exception is iodine and drugs containing it, as they quickly penetrate into the body and block the thyroid gland.
to treat allergy symptoms fit suprastin tavegil.But with insomnia will have to fight on their own, any funds from this illness are dangerous for the baby.
for uterine contractions during the postnatal period may be used red pepper tincture, it does not harm the child even in the first days of life.
When poisoning and problems with a chair, you can use charcoal and candles containing glycerol.