«Chlorhexidine" is applied topically.The skin around the wound treated with a solution and then applied to the affected area napkin, which had also been previously wetted agent.The resulting small fixed plaster wrap or a special bandage.Processing damage can be done a little stream, which is obtained by extrusion of the drug.

as a means for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases "chlorhexidine" watered skin inner thighs and crotch and external genitalia.In the treatment of vaginal nozzle must enter the vagina and squeeze through it about 1-1.5 ml of the preparation.Similarly, the anti-infective treatment is performed in men.


For external use drug overdoses have been reported.Ho
wever, if uncontrolled use of the solution on the skin can cause dryness and itching, which gradually will be the abolition of the solution.In rare cases, hypersensitivity to the components of money may cause dermatitis therapy which may require treatment to the appropriate specialist.However, most skin reactions too frequent use of "Chlorhexidine" are alone after abandoning its use.

It should be noted that the drug is contraindicated in the propensity to allergic skin reactions and viral infection.It is not recommended to use means for processing mucosal (including eye).In the event that a solution is necessary to wash the affected area with plenty of water.

If you get drugs inside should urgently stomach wash with large amounts of water.For washing, you can use gelatin, milk or raw egg.Thereafter, the patient should consume 10-20 tablets activated charcoal or another adsorbent.After ingestion of a large amount of money there is a possibility of death, was due to kidney and liver failure.If you have symptoms that affect the state, should consult a doctor for symptomatic therapy.The drug is highly flammable, and therefore should avoid contact with the solution or use an open flame far away from heating appliances.