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In healthy humans pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is produced during the natural metabolic processes, but in children, debilitated patients, the elderly generation of pro-vitamin decreases and it may be a lack of vitamin B5,which complicates and slows down the process of tissue repair.
At deficiency in the body of pro-vitamin B5, inflammation and dysfunction of the oral cavity, gastrointestinal drug is given orally or by injection.In the postoperative period with a decrease in bowel function of the solution was administered intramuscularly provitamin.
Due to the unique regenerative properties, "Panthenol" used to treat patients with severe burns, bedsores, treatment of venous ulcers in dia
betic patients.In this case, the drug is applied to the damaged skin after pretreatment wound disinfectant.Drug can also be applied 1-4 times a day, are allowed to use it on any surface, including mucosal membranes.
Available "Panthenol" in the form of tablets, paste, solution for injection, spray, ointment, cream, lotion.The spray is very convenient when processing large burn surfaces, surgical wounds, bedsores, ulcers - in all kinds of compromising the integrity of the skin.Ointment, lotion and cream "Pantenol-D" successfully treated atopic dermatitis, sunburn, eczema.
In addition, highly effective topical treatment with this drug cervical erosion, cracked nipples, anus.Successfully applied "Pantenol-D" in the treatment of frostbite, with dermatitis of various etiologies, in the treatment of festering wounds and abrasions.
Ointment "Pantenol-D" is recommended for the treatment of diaper dermatitis in infants, prevent frostbite in children and adults before going out in the cold season.This dosage form is more preferable for pediatric use since it forms a protective layer on the skin and protects it from further damage.
in ophthalmology "Pantenol-D" is used for the treatment of pathologies of the cornea and mucous recovery.The erosion of the cornea, its inflammation, burns the eyes, for the prevention of corneal dystrophy while wearing contact lenses use special eye gel "D-panthenol."
Solution for external application is used in the treatment of the scalp, rinse the mouth and throat.Use of panthenol in cosmetics prevents the formation of dandruff.Popular masks and shampoos for hair with pro-vitamin B5 - they allow you to quickly restore hair structure, reduce the fragility, prevent excision tips and hair loss.