Oral contraceptives are divided into three groups: combined oral contraceptives (COCs), progestin preparations (mini-pill) and postokoitalnye means (pills for emergency contraception or emergency).In different situations is assigned a different preparations depending on the age and comorbidities.But these drugs only appoint a doctor!
Combined oral contraceptive pills - the most effective method of contraception.They contain two types of hormones - estrogens and progestins.They are divided into monophasic ("Janine", "Logest", "Yasmin", "Jess"), two-phase ("Sekvilar", "Adepal") and three-phase ("Three-regolith", "Trikvilar", "Trinidiol").Monophasic combined hormonal contained in each tablet the same dose of hormones, so take them out in sequence on the blister is not required.Two- and three-phase preparations contain
different doses of hormones in the pill, so it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations on the package and take the medicine in a designated order.

Since all hormonal treatments have side effects, contraceptive use, and low-dose mikrodozirovannye options ("Jess", "Zoeli", "Novinet").Drugs with a higher dose ("Diane-35", "Lindinet-30") is indicated for the treatment of hormone-dependent gynecological conditions such as polycystic ovaries, elevated male hormones.Apply the recommended combined hormonal nonsmoking women under 35 years old.Contraindications: varicose disease and liver disease.
progestogens oral contraceptives contain only progesterone.Mini-pill is usually prescribed parous women after 35 years.The most popular drugs - "Femulen", "Mikronor", "Ovret."Since the mini-pill does not contain estrogen, they do not have the side effects of this hormone, so they can be administered in diseases of the veins, diabetes and liver problems.But, compared with combined oral contraceptives, progestin preparations slightly less reliable.
Emergency contraception is intended to prevent an unwanted pregnancy after unprotected intercourse.These include drugs "eskapel", "Postinor", "Non-ovlon" "Marvelon".Since they are intended for reception after intercourse dose hormones contained therein is very high.The body is going through hormonal surge and does not allow the egg to attach to the uterine wall.To arrange such stress your body can not consistently in any case.Doctors recommend doing this no more than twice a year.Also, remember that the most effective method - in the first hours after intercourse.Then efficiency decreases.After 72 hours of unprotected intercourse receiving emergency pill does not make sense.
To choose oral contraceptives, you should consult a gynecologist.The doctor prescribe birth control pills, given the state of health of the patient, her bad habits, age and other factors.