Pharmacological action

efficacy "Sinupret" due to its composition, which contains herbal ingredients: elderberry, gentian, sorrel, primrose and verbena.The drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and sekretomotornym action that promotes a more active dissolution and outflow of secretions from the sinuses. «Sinupret 'comes in the form of pills and drops for oral administration.

«Sinupret» Display for respiratory diseases in the acute and chronic forms, which are accompanied by inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, as well as increased production of viscous secretion.

Instructions for use

«Sinupret" should be taken 3 times a day.Adults appoint 50 drops or 2 tablets of the drug for 1 admission.Children 6-16 years appoint 25 drops or 1 tablet, children 2-6 years - 15 drops "Sinupret" for the

Drops "Sinupret" should be taken as a whole, without chewing, and drink water.Drops are inside, spreading said dose in a small amount of water.Babies drops can be diluted in juice or tea. course of treatment is 1-2 weeks.

Contraindications, warnings and adverse effects

The drug is contraindicated in children under 2 years.Children under 6 years old should drink preparation in the form of drops.The lactation is not recommended to use the drug.Drops "Sinupret" contain ethanol, and the drug on this form is contraindicated in pregnancy.

wary drops prescribed for persons with liver disease, injuries and diseases of the brain, epilepsy.Pills "Sinupret" contain lactose, which is important to consider when administering the drug to people with intolerance to this component.

In rare cases, when receiving "Sinupret" may have allergic reactions such as skin redness, rash, itching, shortness of breath, angioedema.Other side effects - nausea, stomach pain.


«Sinupret" helps in the treatment of the common cold.Treatment of sinusitis require longer treatment.Feedback from patients, "Sinupret" contributes to a better removal of the contents from the sinuses and relieves inflammation, restoring local immunity.The drug is effective in the treatment of children during the epidemic, including when they visit children's groups.

No result of treatment may indicate advanced disease.In this case it is better to consult a doctor.The efficacy of treatment "Sinupret" depends on the stage and severity of the disease - need to start taking the drug at the first symptoms of the disease.In some cases, treatment "Sinupret" expedient to combine with other drugs, including antibiotics.