What is emergency contraception

Emergency contraception - it is a way to avoid pregnancy, if by chance there was unprotected sexual intercourse.The key word here - Emergency.This means that the contraceptive measures taken as a result of unforeseen circumstances.In order to protect themselves from pregnancy, these measures need to be taken as quickly as possible, and they should be fairly reliable.Reasons that may occur unprotected sex, quite a lot.They, fortunately, there are not so often.But anyway this can happen to every woman, so drugs for emergency co
ntraception is always better to keep on hand.They can not apply more than once every six months, or not to avoid serious consequences for the organism.If you need to "fire action" occurs more frequently, it is better to reconsider its prevention strategy.

Drugs for emergency contraception

drugs can be divided into two main groups.First - products containing progestins ("Postinor", "eskapel").They should be applied as soon as possible after unprotected sex.If you take them later than 72 hours, they can not act.These drugs contain a large dose of hormones, so after ingestion may cause nausea, headache, vomiting, breast tenderness and menstrual disorders.But in general, is the most modern and fairly safe method of emergency contraception.

second group - products containing estrogens and progestins (combined).These include conventional oral contraceptives, but they are accepted to a greater dose of a specific pattern (the Yuzpe regimen).These tools are good because they are readily available and inexpensive.Naturally they have contra-indications and side-action-are the same as when taking oral contraceptives estrogensoderjath.

If we evaluate the effectiveness of the above-described means, when used correctly it is close to 85-90%.

What is the difference of means of emergency contraception from abortion

Emergency contraceptives, including "Postinor", are used to prevent pregnancy.In turn, abortion - is the termination of pregnancy ensuing surgical or chemical means.Thus, from the moral and ethical aspect of the application of "Postinor" can not be equated with abortion, because at a time when you can use emergency contraception, embryo itself yet.

There is still a factor of influence on health.No one doubts that abortion may negatively affect women's health."Postinor" can not be called useful for women's health, its use can cause many side effects.This is a real hormonal shake-up for the body.However, when compared to the possible consequences, the use of means of emergency contraception is more preferable compared to abortion and medically.