«Amoxicillin 'is indicated for the treatment of infections of bacterial nature, which include: pneumonia, bronchitis, sore throat, urethritis, pyelonephritis, infectious enterocolitis, gonorrhea.The drug is produced in the form of tablets (1 g), capsules (of 0.25 and 0.25 g) in the form of solution for oral administration, suspensions and powders for preparation of injection solution.Before prescribing conducting a study of the microflora, which provoked the disease.The required dose picks physician, considering the stage and severity of the disease, as well as the sensitivity of the pathogens.
Typically, adults and children with age from 10 years old and weighing more than 40 kg, 0.5 g administered antibiotics 3 times a day.In severe disease the number o
f one-time increase to 1 year Children 5-10 years "Amoxicillin" give 0.25 g 3 times a day for children, with an age of 2-5 years - 0,125 g 3 times a day.Children under 2 years of daily dose is calculated from the 20 mg per 1 kg weight.This amount is divided into 3 doses.Children under 10 years of age is better to give a suspension of "Amoxicillin".
«Amoxicillin" as a solution is administered intramuscularly or intravenously in a daily amount of 3-6, the premature infants, newborns and children under one year of drug administered in a daily amount of 100 mg / kg for children in other age groups -50 mg / kg.A one-time amount for children intramuscular injection should not exceed 0.5 g daily dose to be distributed 2-3 introduction, the interval between them is 8-12 hours.
recurrent number of adults for intramuscular administration should not be more than 1 year if you assign a single dose in excess of 2 g, it is administered intravenously (drip).The daily amount of the drug to be distributed 2-3 times, the drug should be administered every 8-12 hours. The highest daily dose - 6, the duration of intravenous injection should be 5-7 days, then you need to go to the intramuscular injections or oral medication.The duration of therapy depends on the disease, its severity and forms, it may be 5-14 days and more.
«Amoxicillin" may cause allergic reactions: erythema, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, urticaria, angioedema.In rare cases, there is fever, allergic shock, eosinophilia, arthralgia.The use of antibiotics can cause the development of superinfection caused by pathogens not previously detected in the body and are resistant to the drug.Such cases are observed in patients with chronic illnesses or immunocompromised."Amoxicillin" is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to penicillin, infectious mononucleosis.Pregnant women and patients prone to allergic reactions, the drug is used under medical supervision.