Indications for vacuum abortion

indications for vacuum abortion are:
- various chronic diseases of women;
- complications of previous medical abortion;
- pathology of the fetus;
- social factors, or the desire of the woman.

preparatory stage vacuum aspiration

vacuum abortion is carried out in the early stages of pregnancy, the fourth to the twelfth week of the term.Before the procedure, the patient is examined by a gynecologist, appointed to collect the necessary analyzes.

Given that the process of obtaining analysis takes time, they need to pass as soon as possible.

holding vacuum abortion

After the preparatory phase of collecting data about the patient, in case if th
ere are no contraindications, the procedure is carried out vacuum abortion.During surgery, local anesthesia is used.The whole process takes about five minutes.Before the start of the patient takes two drugs, one of which is to relax the uterus, and one for its reduction.The surgery is performed on the gynecological chair, like a normal examination.

In that case, if the patient before the procedure has not yet given birth previously to a special tool is carried out expansion of the uterus.This is followed by introduction of the tube (cannula) using the pressure generated inside the electric pumps of 0.5 atmospheres.Due to this pressure is removed the ovum, has not yet become firmly entrenched in the wall of the uterus.

Once the doctors have found out that all the fragments recovered, the operation ends.Then, the patient is observed after vacuum aspiration in a medical facility within 30 minutes - a few hours.After the operation the woman may feel a slight discomfort - nausea, weakness and dizziness.


Following the vacuum aspiration is prescribed to patients with antibiotics to prevent the occurrence of infections.Additionally

2-3 weeks gynecologist reappointed ultrasound.In some cases, there is an incomplete suction the fetus, in practice, this figure is around 2% of all abortions performed vacuum.In such situations, the patient may show different symptoms of pregnancy, nausea, breast tenderness, morning sickness.If these symptoms appeared before the scheduled routine ultrasound, you must seek medical attention immediately.

healing of the uterus begins about 2-3 weeks, during which time you should refrain from sexual intercourse.Women are advised within one month after the procedure to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections through, so you need to use condoms during sex.

important to remember the following: despite the fact that the vacuum abortion is painless and minimally, medical standards, the most secure, it does not guarantee results and the absence of various complications.