Some equate smoking pipe to a special ritual, but do not consider that it is too early or too late can result in hospital corridors.Official statistics, taking into account the number of people smoking it up, no.As a rule, these are addicted to wealthy citizens, because the occupation is costly.

slowly inhaling toxic smoke, you searing lungs, mucous membrane of the mouth and throat.Chronic irritation leads to tissue damage that can trigger the development of leukoplakia, stomatitis, pharyngitis, as well as cancer and many other diseases that seriously impair the general condition.Standing on the teeth provokes the appearance of caries and bad breath.

If you smoke a pipe without filter, possible permanent burn the mucous membrane of the lips, whic

h often leads to the development of cancer.Cancer of the lips does not matter lends itself to treatment, so you should think about what to give up the addiction.

concentrated tobacco smoke, which contains more tar, nicotine and degradation products produced during the combustion of tobacco in a tube, light permeates all the scoring in this and bronchi.After a few months of active smoking pipes may appear cough, which is amplified in the morning, and sometimes does not rest at night.

Cardiovascular disease - frequent companions smokers.No matter what you like - a pipe or cigarettes, over time you will begin to disturb the heart, varicose veins may appear, and other abnormalities.Keep in mind that the risk of strokes and heart attacks among smokers is higher than the others, because the blood changes its structure under the influence of resins that enter the body of tobacco.

Already teeth on edge lung cancer, perhaps the most terrible disease that occurs many times more common in smokers.Despite the fact that the medicine does not stand still, lung cancer is difficult to treat.If you do not want to die before you allotted period, you give up an addiction today.

not reassuring yourself that you choose the expensive varieties of tobacco smoke just a couple of times a day or make it is not in mouthfuls.If you do not want to get serious health problems, quit smoking.Inspire yourself to learn how to do it right and you can get like-minded people online Whatever.

Those who are not able to quit on their own should visit a doctor who will give valuable advice and may prescribe medications.Nicotine is eliminated from the body is not one year, but improvement and you will feel a surge of strength a month after quitting the tube!