Tuberculosis and haemophilia - heavy "noble" disease of the past centuries

one of the "noble" of the past centuries was considered a disease of tuberculosis, or as it was called earlier - "consumption."The literature shows typical signs of the disease: cough, which remained on the handkerchief stained with blood, the descriptions of the patients had a pale appearance, feverish glitter eye Unhealthy blush on the cheeks.This disease has been known since ancient times: from ten skeletons preserved Egyptian mummies (XXVII century BC), four have traces of tuberculous lesions of the spine.The causative agent of the disease was discovered by the German bacteriologist Robert Koch in March 1882.The scientist described the structure and properties of the bacteria, which was la
ter called the tubercle bacillus. After 40 years, the French scientists S. and A. Calmette Guerin raised harmless bacteria of tuberculosis, from which the vaccine was made.With this vaccine humans acquired protection against this disease.

Hemophilia (incoagulability blood) - a hereditary disease of men, which is common in the Russian tsars, and therefore considered "noble".Bearers of the "wrong" gene is a woman who passed it to their daughters.This disease is also transmitted through the generations the British royal family.

Lighter diseases that in the past were considered "nobleĀ»

By "noble" disease in the past attributed migraines.This disease is characterized by attacks of severe pulsating headache, preferably one half of the skull.Among the inhabitants of its occurrence is often associated with intense mental activity and high intelligence.Ordinary people are not threatened with migraine - physical work in the fresh air is one of the best methods of preventing this disease.Migraine attacks suffered Julius Caesar, Ludwig van Beethoven, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Alfred Nobel, Frederic Chopin, Richard Wagner, Guy de Maupassant, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, Poe, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Anton Chekhov and manyother famous people. first migraine symptoms have been described for more than five thousand years ago in Sumerian cuneiform tables.About this disease is mentioned Hippocrates, Celsius.

disease called "Scurvy" (a disease caused by lack of vitamin C) and "gout" (deposition of uric acid crystals in the body) were more frequent among representatives of the nobility.The reason for this is the different diet - "lower people" consume large amounts of vegetables.Wealthy people are squeamish about such food, their menu consisted of a large number of meat and wine, which leads eventually to disease.