missed abortion is determined after 6 weeks since the last menstrual period and is diagnosed only through ultrasound.A doctor can usually diagnose during the first ultrasound at 10-13 weeks of pregnancy.If the patient has the appropriate indications for early implementation procedures anembrioniya can be detected earlier.
ultrasound allows us to see the future child is already in the 5-6 week.During this period, the presence of diseases of the fruit will not be visible.The absence of the embryo after seven weeks is a confirmation of the diagnosis.
anembrioniya In most cases are asymptomatic.This woman may be characteristic of a no
rmal pregnancy, including an increase in the uterus, the absence of menstruation and breast tenderness.Only in some cases the body can respond to anembrioniyu miscarriage.
mechanisms of the disease are not fully understood.One of the main causes of missed abortion is a genetic mutation of the fetus because of the wrong set of parental chromosomes.The disease can occur as a result of problems with the reproductive system of one of the parents.
anembrioniya sometimes called acute infections, a woman appeared at the early stage of pregnancy.Pathogens attack the embryo, preventing it from developing normally.It is also a devastating effect on the fetus has a fever, which can be triggered by serious infectious lesions.Among other causative factors, some scholars have noted the increased radiation and high content of toxic substances to the fetus in the mother's body.
anembrionii used for the treatment of hormonal drugs that help to provoke abortion.Therapy may also be carried out by scraping the uterine cavity.Next, the relief from ailments caused by anembrioniyu.For example, prescribe antibiotics to clear the infection.Planning pregnancy after anembrionii recommended no earlier than six months after the treatment.