A common sexually transmitted disease - gonorrhea, commonly referred to as "the clap".The disease affects primarily the mucous membrane of the genitals and urinary tract.Therefore, the main symptoms of gonorrhea: purulent mucous discharge from the genitals, as well as pain and burning sensation when urinating.This is often accompanied by chills, fever.The symptoms are so obvious and characteristic that do not notice them and be confused with symptoms of other diseases is simply impossible.Gonorrhea is required to be treated, otherwise the damage will spread to a number of bodies, and this can be irreversible.
Treat gonorrhea antibiotics penic
illin group.If they are ineffective, or the patient's idiosyncrasy, used sulfa drugs.On prescription can be used as high-performance modern drugs ("Rocephin", "Peflotsin", "enoxacin").
very dangerous venereal disease - syphilis.It is transmitted usually through sexual contact, but can be transmitted through a common and dishes, kitchen utensils or kissing ("Household syphilis").At the site of the introduction of the pathogen - Treponema pallidum, a red spot is formed, which later turns into a painless seal ("chancre").Increased lymph nodes.Approximately 8-10 weeks after infection on the skin appear bright red rash (papules).If you do not treat the disease, the defeat will cover virtually all organs.As a result, there may come disfigurement, paralysis, dementia and other serious consequences.
Before the advent of antibiotics only effective method of treatment was the use of mercury compounds, arsenic and bismuth.But these substances are very poisonous.Application of the same antibiotics (penicillin or erythromycin), in most cases you can quickly and safely to cure syphilis.
to sexually transmitted diseases, some experts also include HIV (AIDS), as one of the most common methods of infection - sexual.However, some patients contracted the disease through intravenous drug use, and as a result of medical errors (multiple use of syringes not enough thorough disinfection of surgical and dental instruments, the use of blood taken from people with AIDS).
The list of sexually transmitted diseases are also chlamydia and trichomoniasis.