harm diet

choosing a diet, she deliberately restricts itself to the consumption of any substance - be it protein, fats or carbohydrates, or consuming them, but separately (as in a separate power supply).All this leads to poor health, diseases, ailments. occurs is because the body is still in need of proteins and fats, and carbohydrates, excluding any component reduces its functionality.

Sitting on a diet, you start to feel constant fatigue, weakness, headache, hunger, as a result, throw this thing or just pluck.There is a feeling of guilt gnaws at you yourself and either seized caused stress, either start torturing the body even more.When disrupting all kilos th
at you took off, returned back, sometimes with a plus.

And if you continue to actively lose weight, the body goes into an extreme state, starts the function of self-preservation and weight stops, but fats are reserved for a "rainy day."Even if you were able to serve a diet, you are happy that the extra kilos are gone.And continue to eat the way it did before, kilograms back, not letting you fully enjoy the achievement.

Some women also celebrate an event such as losing weight, naedyatsya cutlets, sausage sandwiches, cakes, in general, all those that were not allowed during the diet.And this weight loss no end or edge: you throw off the weight, it comes back again, you sit on a diet.

Useful tips

To you began to turn to lose weight, keep the following tips.
For starters forget about diets.To sense they will bring you a little, rather hurt.Begin to eat healthy.His diet is a healthy diet aimed at losing weight, you can make yourself a nutritionist or by studying information on the Internet.

Kilograms not be quickly "melt", as in the case of diets, but they will not come back!In addition, you'll feel great, will have more energy, you will not get sick. Eat right you have all your life - sounds scary, but if you get used, you will be disgusted by the thought of a bad diet.

Begin to play sports.Even the 10-minute morning exercise - already use body.The main principle - to spend more calories than you consume.That is, you need to move and move and move again.If you have a sedentary job, get out in their spare time on leisure or go to the gym.The main thing - really want to, and succeed!