you need
  • - application;
  • - medical card.
When a child is born, in the first hours of life it is usually administered two vaccinations: hepatitis B and tuberculosis (BCG).If you are against vaccination , discard it in advance before delivery.To do this you need to write a statement in duplicate to refuse vaccinations.The first stick to the card, which is obtained in the antenatal clinic and take with you to the hospital.The second copy of keep to themselves.
to your statement is not "lost" on the cover of the card write colorful pasta: "Leave the vaccination child, attach a statement," and sign (and his father).Be sure to tell your doctor about your failure before and after childbirth.Carefully read all
the documents that you will bring to the signature.If somewhere will see a point about vaccination safely cross out and ask him to rewrite the copy.
next stage of writing applications is waiting for you at the clinic.Please note that there is no official form for the registration of non-vaccination, it is written by hand as you choose to make it.It can be temporary (for example, until the child is 2 years old) or indefinite.Do not sign papers for "liability in case of death," which you will be given in the clinic - it is illegal psychological pressure on the parents.
in kindergartens and schools must now accept children who are not immunized (Resolution chief sanitary doctor of Moscow's cancellation of orders for non-admission in kindergartens and schools are not vaccinated children).Therefore, if you do not sign a medical card for kindergarten, go boldly to the head physician clinic, write the name on his application for issuance of the card (in duplicate).You may refuse or send go on instances (Case meaningless).In this case - write a complaint to the prosecutor explaining the circumstances.The prosecutor's office is obliged to understand all within one month after receipt of the application, so start the paperwork in the garden in advance.
refuse vaccinations at work, if it is associated with the risk of disease (in educational institutions, work with animals, work with blood and so forth.), Will not be easy.But never indicated what vaccinations in this case, are mandatory.Ask for a list, which will indicate that your vaccination is mandatory.In this case, there is a possibility that you stretch out the time, and you will be restrained from.
If your job does not belong to the above, then you can safely refuse all vaccinations, even those carried out on special assignments.Nobody has the right to apply to not have penalties for refusing vaccinations.In the case of pressure, refer to the court for compensation for material and moral damage.