Alcohol is strictly incompatible with hypnotics.This combination is dangerous for humans in that it provokes severe drowsiness, may impair motor coordination, as well as consciousness.Yet it should be noted worsening state of intoxication, depression of the respiratory processes and can lead to coma.
strictly forbidden to drink alcohol during treatment with antibiotics.Such a tandem is dangerous because it amplifies the impact of toxic substances on the human body.This leads to the following effects: dizziness, headache, heat, chills, sudden changes in pressure, tachycardia, noise in my head.Perhaps choking, nausea and vomiting.
Severe effects after combining alcohol and medication allergy medications.They are expressed in the occurrence of hallucinations, motor excitation or depressed state.
very dangerous tandem of antidepressants and alcohol.Besides the fact that the effects of alcohol negates the effectiveness of medication, so this explosive mixture provokes tachycardia, a very strong increase in pressure, which can lead to a hypertensive crisis.Alcohol is strictly forbidden within two weeks after discontinuation of antidepressants.
strictly incompatible with alcohol antipyretics, diuretics, analgesics.With antipyretic - amplified toxic poisoning, adverse effect on the liver, an increased risk of developing ulcerative or inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract.The combination of alcohol and diuretics provokes strong gag process and diarrhea, has a strong effect on lowering blood pressure.The most serious consequences is the product of acute pancreatitis and heart failure.Drinking alcohol and analgesics is fraught with headaches, tinnitus, lethargy, tachycardia, nausea and vomit processes.
forbidden to drink alcohol while taking cardiovascular medications.This combination of the dangers of excessive vasodilatation against which can develop acute vascular insufficiency.Possible death.
In therapy medicines that lower blood clotting, is strictly forbidden alcohol.Ignoring the ban is fraught with bleeding in internal organs and the brain.The most dangerous consequence is paralysis.
Harmful use of alcohol in the treatment of hormonal preparations.Not following the guidelines may lead to thrombophlebitis, seizures, aggravation of peptic ulcer disease or manifestation.
Upon receipt of all of the above of drugs should abandon the use of alcoholic beverages to maintain the health and often and life.