pain under the left shoulder blade can vary greatly in intensity, depending on the cause of discomfort.Folk remedies are able to eliminate the pain for a while.However, the lack of treatment literacy, built on the basis of an accurate diagnosis will lead to increased disease syndrome in the future.

When there is pain under the left shoulder blade

Usually people complain about the appearance of pain under the left shoulder blade during exercise, such as walking, jogging, weight lifting, squats.In addition, there may be pain when sneezing, sharp intake of breath, coughing.

of pain in the left shoulder blade often complain about people living in a constant state of stress.When you visit a medical institution should be required to inform the doctor to the nature of the pain, its location, intensity.Pain can
arise in the blade in several diseases.The clinical picture can help detect abnormalities more quickly.

Causes of pain under the shoulder blade

One of the most common causes of pain in the shoulder blade is a violation of the functionality of the heart muscle.In this case, the pain can give not only in the left shoulder, and the neck and left hand.Vasodilators in this case are inefficient and do not relieve the pain.

Surface pain under the left shoulder blade characteristic of intercostal neuralgia.Most often, the pain is shingles, covering the chest.Man feels the pain in the muscle tissue.When intercostal neuralgia along the nerve fibers, patients have tingling or numbness in the affected area.Pain can give to the waist, back and heart.

Sometimes pain under the left shoulder blade occurs due to psychological discomfort.If a person is constantly exposed to stress and test anxiety sensations probably imaginary appearance of such symptoms as a feeling of heaviness in the chest, a burning sensation, squeezing in the area of ​​the heart muscle.In this case, you may receive and the sensation of pain under the shoulder blade.

osteochondrosis of the cervical or thoracic spinal column is often accompanied by pain under both shoulder blades.The same characteristic symptom of the disease of the gallbladder and kidneys.

duration, annoying, nagging pain can be the result of gastric ulcer.If the pain manifests itself in the background and increases the difficulty in movement, combined with severe pain in the abdomen, is not ruled out perforation of the stomach wall.

In any case, should not be left unattended pain.Identifying the causes of pain under the shoulder blade will allow to get rid of the discomfort.