to your skin for many years remained fresh and elastic, it needs vitamin A (retinol).This magical vitamin restores the structure and normalizes the synthesis of collagen, which is one of the major constituents of the skin.In addition, vitamin A helps maintain good vision and helps the body fight infections.If you want to have a healthy youthful appearance, do not forget about the products that are rich in retinol: liver, fish oils, egg yolks, butter, whole milk and cream.
If you are of childbearing age, you know that one of the most important vitamins for expectant mothers who wish to give birth to a healthy baby, is folic acid.Taking it from the first days of pregnancy, the woman greatly reduces the risk of birth defects.The use of folic acid
helps to form the nervous system of the fetus, reduces the risk of back problems.Very important is the fact that this vitamin reduces the risk of cancer of the ovaries and mammary.Try to include in your daily diet of foods containing folic acid: brown rice, green leafy vegetables, beans, a variety of cereals, nuts, bananas, apricots, oranges, pumpkin, melon, mushrooms, meat, fish, liver, cheese and dairy products.
Try to keep on your desk attended vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, corn), whole grains, leafy vegetables, asparagus, bran, broccoli and peas.After all, these foods contain the most powerful antioxidant - vitamin E, also known as tocopherol.It strengthens blood vessels and slows the aging of cells, prevents thrombosis, improves the condition of hair and skin.With a shortage of tocopherol in women may be disturbed menstrual cycle, reduced libido.Also vitamin E is found in wheat germ, avocado, nuts, shrimp, spinach and tomatoes.
Remember that in order to hair was thick and beautiful, and nails - strong and sturdy, the female body needs biotin (vitamin H).It prevents separation and brittle nails, strengthening the nail plate, as well as contributes to the division of hair follicles, promoting education in their new healthy cells.In addition, biotin improves the skin for various skin diseases, prevents dryness.Foods rich in biotin: liver, egg yolks, yeast, brown rice, milk.
to during the cold season, your skin does not become dry, flaky, and pale, and his hair was falling out, eat more often products containing nicotinic acid: breads, wholemeal, dishes of beans and cereals,liver, fish, lean meat, eggs, mushrooms, peanuts.Nicotinic acid (vitamin PP) provides the energy cells of the female body, enhances the power of the hair roots, influences the color of the skin, helping to improve its condition, accelerates wound healing.