First you need to understand, and is there any need for taking vitamins.If the pregnancy is normal, tests are normal, and a pregnant woman eats rationally, then most likely, the doctor will say that there is no need for vitamins.The main thing that the diet of a pregnant was fortified enough.Be sure to eat vegetables, fruits, cereals, meat and fish.
If there is a prescription for health or pregnant just lost my appetite due to toxicity, she prescribed a course of vitamins or minerals.Which vitamins expectant mother will take depends on the duration of pregnancy and the presence of complications.
If pregnancy does not cause the development of the doctor fears the most commonly prescribed special prenatal vitamins or vitamin complexes for the harmonious development of the child.During the firs
t trimester, it is important to drink a course of vitamin E, and folic acid (to form the neural tube of the fetus).In the second trimester should begin to drink calcium preparations, which reduce the risk of early birth several times.If pregnancy takes place in the autumn or winter are assigned to vitamins A and D.
the third trimester reserves of vitamins and minerals in pregnant are significantly reduced.That is why, in this period is assigned to most of the vitamins for pregnant women.Expectant mother are issued or multicomplex or individual vitamins and vitamin groups.Most often in short supply are B vitamins, iron, iodine, zinc.Also, in some cases, deteriorating eyesight, and the woman begins taking vitamin complexes for the prevention of eye diseases.
also require vitamins woman after pregnancy, if it is to breastfeed.If the child is not allergic, you should eat right and drink as necessary courses of calcium and vitamin E. If a child is allergic to and woman lean diet, you should consult your doctor and find the right multivitamin complex.