«Djufaston" used in deficiency of endogenous progesterone (in the case of endometriosis, luteal phase deficiency), the threat of fetal loss, menstrual cycle disorders, dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, secondary amenorrhea.The drug may be given as part of hormone replacement therapy for menopausal syndrome, surgical castration.
medicine should be taken at exactly the same time.In endometriosis appoint 10 milligrams "duphaston" two or three times a day.In 5-25 days of the cycle breaks do not.At the origin of infertility progesterone drug is used in 11-25 days of the cycle, 20 mg per day (two doses).Treatment should last 3-6 months.When threatened miscarriage to take 40 mg of the drug, and then take medication every 8 hours 10 mg for one week.When abortion was administered 10 mg of funds twice a day up
to 20 weeks of pregnancy, and then gradually reduce the dose.You can take up to 12-20 weeks of pregnancy.
to treat premenstrual syndrome take medication for 3-6 months, during which at 11-25 days of the cycle drink 10 mg funds.For the treatment of dysmenorrhea should be drunk "Djufaston" in 5-25 days of the cycle, 20 mg per day (two doses) for 3-6 months.When amenorrhea take "Djufaston" and estrogens.At 11-25 days of the cycle should drink dydrogesterone 10mg twice per day, and from 1 to 25 day - 1 Ethinylestradiol 0.05 mg once a day.Treatment should continue for three or more menstrual cycles.In order to stop dysfunctional bleeding within 5-7 days of a 10 mg (twice daily) by combining 0.05 mg ethinyl estradiol.
«Djufaston" can cause breakthrough bleeding, abdominal pain, headaches, migraines, breast tenderness, jaundice, liver dysfunction, hemolytic anemia, rash, itching, swelling, hives.If breakthrough bleeding dose should be increased.If such bleeding are observed after a short period of the drug, or continue after treatment, it is necessary to find out the reason for their appearance.In this case, we recommend endometrial biopsy to exclude malignancy.The drug is contraindicated in diseases of the liver, increased sensitivity to the drug.In an application with "phenobarbital", "Rifampicin" may accelerate the metabolism of dydrogesterone and as a result, reducing its therapeutic effect.