«Viagra" does not stimulate the male libido and arousal.The drug is effective only if the patient is experiencing sexual desire, but sexual dysfunction caused by the presence of health problems, does not allow him to enter into an intimate relationship.
During excitation nervous system erectile tissue begins to produce a substance called nitric oxide.It stimulates cellular enzymes (enzymes), which in turn secrete a compound called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) and relaxing soft muscle cells of the organ.This process contributes to the expansion of the arteries of the penis, so that blood can freely fill the fabric, causing an erection.
sexual dysfunction When the chain is broken and the b
lood ceases to flow freely into the penis."Viagra" allows you to control the production of cGMP, saving bandwidth going to the body of the arteries.Efficiency means is caused by the presence of sexual arousal, ieproduction of nitric oxide.If the substance is not available, the drug does not have the desired impact.
active drug occur within hours if the pill was taken on an empty stomach, but after eating the substance takes effect much later.The result of the reception there is about 4-6 hours, after which the drug is slowly cleared from the body.The tool is available in a dosage of 25, 50 and 100 mg.The optimal dose is individual and calculated in accordance with the age and degree of erectile dysfunction.
compared to placebo and other chemical elements having similar properties, sildenafil has a powerful therapeutic effect and significantly enhances the erection.But, despite its ability to stimulate blood circulation in the pelvic organs, "Viagra" can be applied is not all patients.Before applying the tools you need to consult a doctor.
drug significantly lowers blood pressure.This effect is especially pronounced when used together with nitrate medications class which are often prescribed for the treatment of severe angina and heart disease.With the combined resources significantly increases the risk of serious circulatory disorders, which is able to cause the death of the patient.Among the side effects of "Viagra" marked headaches and redness of the skin.In rare cases there is indigestion and may cause the common cold.