In some cases, appoint "Panavir»

«Panavir" is a purified extract of plant shoots Solanum tuberosum (potato).A preparation in the form of a solution intended for intravenous administration, and rectal suppositories are prescribed to treat:
- herpes virus infections with different localization;
- rheumatoid arthritis in patients with herpes virus infection (in the complex therapy);
- secondary immunodeficiency states with infectious diseases;
- cytomegalovirus infection;
- papillomavirus infections (warts) - as part of a treatment;
- encephalitis to reduce viral load (in the complex therapy).

price of the drug depends on the form of release and dosage. drug is given in the preparation for pregnancy in women with chronic viral infections.

Instructions for Use "Panavir»

solution "Panavir" administered intravenously (slow), 200 mg (1 ampoule).For the treatment of tick-borne encephalitis, herpes virus infections, "Panavir administered twice at an interval of 48 hours or 24 hours.If necessary, repeat injections a month.When papillomavirus and cytomegalovirus infection within the first week of injections make triplicate every 48 hours during the second week, two injections made at intervals of 72 hours.

In rheumatoid arthritis, a herpes virus infection appoint five injections with an interval of 24-48 hours.After 2 months of treatment repeated as necessary."Panavir" prescribed for SARS and influenza in the amount of two injections with an interval of 18-24 hours.Patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis make five injections every 48 hours.Suppositories are administered rectally, the dosage regimen the same as for the solution in a ratio of 1 suppository - 1 ampoule.

Gel "Panavir" is intended for outdoor use in infectious and inflammatory diseases of the skin caused by the herpes simplex virus, with shingles, an infection with the human papillomavirus (in the complex therapy).Gel "Panavir" is applied to the skin or mucosa with a thin layer 5 times per day.Rub the medication is not needed.The duration of treatment is four to five days, if necessary - up to 10 days.

any side effects, contra-indications "Panavir»

«Panavir" generally well tolerated, some complications can be caused by individual intolerance to the drug.When the unwanted side effects is recommended to stop the use of medication and consult a physician.Use of the drug during pregnancy is possible if the benefits of treatment for the mother greater than the risk to the unborn child. At the time of use during lactation should stop breastfeeding.

«Panavir" contraindicated if you are hypersensitive, severe renal disease and the spleen, with children aged up to twelve years.