How dangerous boil

The cause of this disease may serve as pathogens, which are activated at the supercooling of the body and loss of natural immunity.This disease is characterized by the rapid formation in the depths of painful skin nodules, then this place is formed necrotic core, around which there is a slight swelling and redness of the skin.If you do not take steps to treat the disease, there is a maturing boil.This process is very painful, it can be accompanied by fever and an increase in nearby lymph nodes.When ripe abscess is its spontaneous dissection, pus breaks out, and at the site of inflammation is long rough scar.

ate for whatever reasons, the abscess can not go outside, perhaps getting an infection in the blood vessels.This happens if you try to force the rod to squeeze ou
t of the body.Doing this is strictly forbidden, because it is very dangerous and can cause inflammation of vital organs, including the brain and cause sepsis - a common blood infection.To avoid such consequences, the boil needs to be treated at an early stage, using all possible means.

How to treat this disease ihtiolkoy

to treat boils apply a set of measures aimed at the removal of the inflammatory process, prevention of complications and restore the normal functioning of the immune system.To do this, take multivitamins and drugs-imunomodulyatory.

If the boil is detected at an early stage, it is necessary to begin treatment with the use of external funds.For this purpose, often used ichthyol ointment that relieves the painful feeling well.In addition, tar, included in its composition, has excellent antibacterial properties and a good local irritant effect, which accelerates the ripening process boils.Often one application ichthyol ointment at the beginning of the boil is sufficient that the inflammatory process is over, almost before it began.

When the process has moved to the necrotic stage, applying ointment ichthyol contribute stretching pus from skin layers out quickly clean the abscess, and the wound will be tightened.This quality ichthyol ointments due to its ability to increase the temperature of the tissue at the site of impact, so that all regeneration processes are faster.Apply ichthyol ointment needed for the night, this should apply it on a cotton pad and apply to the site of inflammation in the skin and fix plaster bandage.

has similar properties and balsamic liniment by Vishnevsky, but in its composition further includes a skin softening agent, so the effect of this drug is softer and it causes less skin irritations.Unpleasant feature of both these ointment is the peculiar smell of tar and the ability to leave behind dark spots on the laundry.Patients often prefer to use other local facilities that do not have these drawbacks, but it is done in vain because ihtiolovaya ointment is harmless and very effective that is more than redeems her present disadvantages.