«Bifiform" is used for the treatment and prevention of intestinal dysbiosis in colitis, gastroenteritis, during treatment with antibiotics and sulfonamides, at low and high acidity of gastric juice, gastrointestinal disorders of various origins.It is also used for the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases of the digestive tract, for the maintenance of immunity in acute and chronic diarrhea of ​​various origins, lactose intolerance, dyspepsia, flatulence.
«Bifiform" contains strains of bacteria that have a high level of resistance to antibiotics.Bifidobacteria and Enterococci inhibit the growth and proliferation of pathogens by the production of lactic and acetic acid.The drug improves the absorption and synthesis of vitamins, contributes to a better b
reakdown of proteins, complex carbohydrates, fats, and normalizes intestinal microflora, stimulates the correction of violations of the digestive tract, increases the body's resistance to the effects of negative factors.
drug is taken regardless of meals."Bifiform" for adults and children aged from two years old should drink one capsule twice a day, the maximum daily dose is four capsules.Children with age from six months to two years, give one capsule of the drug twice a day for children, with an age ranging from six months to two years, give half the contents of the capsules twice a day.If a child fails to swallow a capsule, its contents must be mixed with water.The course of treatment "bifiform" average of 10-21 days.When gastrointestinal disorders, accompanied by acute diarrhea, the drug should be taken two or three days.
Babies and children of younger age group can be given "Bifiform Baby" in the form of a suspension or oily solution.It is composed of streptococci and bifidobacteria.This formulation gives the child once a day in an amount of 0.5 ml.Course duration is ten to twenty days."Bifiform" and "Baby Bifiform" well tolerated and show no side effects, except for the individual reactions of hypersensitivity of the body to their constituents.These drugs are contraindicated in hypersensitivity to identified components.